The Definitive Guide To Choosing The Right Gray Paint For Your Home

The Definitive Guide To Choosing The Right Gray Paint For Your Home


Gray paint is one of the best paint colours for a home because it offers powerful and chic decorating opportunities. With so many shades of gray paint, from busy marble-like greys to soft creams, there is a perfect gray for every room in your home. But with so much variety available, getting the right color can be daunting. So how do you know which grey shade is best?

Here are some tips for finding the perfect shade of gray paint for your next home decorating project.

Choosing between warm and cool grays

When it comes to choosing a gray paint color, you'll have to decide whether you want a warm gray or cool gray. Warm grays are more yellow and cool grays are more blue—but both still have plenty of neutral undertones. Choosing between them will depend on the effect you're trying to create in your home.

Warm grays are typically well-suited for rooms that need extra warmth; for example, if you live in an area where sunlight can be scarce throughout the year, or if you currently lack proper lighting fixtures inside your home (light fixtures can make all the difference!). They also work well in dining rooms or kitchens because they help balance out cold tones with warmer ones.

Cool grays are best suited for bedrooms and bathrooms because they counteract reds from carpets or furniture pieces like couches and chairs. They create a sense of calmness that's perfect for unwinding after a long day at work or school—or just before bedtime! It's important to note that some people may find these shades too bright if they're looking for something muted; if this sounds like something out of reach then stick with warm ones instead!

The six most popular gray paint colours for your bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen and more

Here are the six most popular Grays in the Benjamin Moore collection. 

  • Calm
  • Coventry Gray
  • Gray Owl
  • Silver Chain
  • Silver Satin
  • Stonington Gray

Test gray paint in your space to find the right colour

The best way to find the right gray paint for your space is to test multiple grays in your space.

It’s important to test the colour in different lights, both natural and artificial.

You should also test it at different times of day, such as morning and afternoon, so you can see how it changes throughout the day.

Test the colour next to your main accents, architectural details and furniture; this will help you get an idea of how those items will look with your new paint colour scheme.

The best way to test grays? Use our Benjamin Moore Top Box - Grays to try out six of the most popular shades of gray paint in the Benjamin Moore collection. You’ll get 6 Big Paint Chips with different shades of gray, so you can pick the perfect gray paint with 100% confidence! Learn more about our Big Paint Chips here.

Follow these tips on picking the right gray paint for your home!

Now that you've read through our expert-approved tips, it's time to find your favorite gray paint. Remember: the right color is the one that makes you happy, whether that means bright and vibrant or cool and muted. With so many different grays to choose from, there's no reason not to find something you love!