How To Test Out Paint Colours So You Don't Get Stuck With A Wall You Hate

How To Test Out Paint Colours So You Don't Get Stuck With A Wall You Hate


When it comes to interior design, you don't want to make any mistakes. After all, a mistake might mean paying for a paint job twice, or worse, hating the way your home looks. 

Fortunately, there are some simple ways you can avoid these pitfalls, and one of our favorites involves playing with color samples before painting an entire wall. We’re sharing why it’s important to pre-test paint colours at home, and three ways to make it happen.

Choosing a paint colour is hard enough.

Choosing a paint colour is a big decision, and you have to consider so many factors. Will the colour go with the furniture? With the flooring? Is there enough contrast to create design interest? But not so much that you upset the balance harmony in your space? These are all valid questions and concerns, and they can quickly get overwhelming.

How do I know what it will look like on the walls?

No matter how much you love a colour, it will always look different in your home. That's because lighting, the shape and size of a room, flooring, furniture and decor, all affect how a paint colour looks and feels in a particular room. 

Wherever you find your colour inspiration - whether it’s a magazine, online, a friends house, or in a paint store - the only way to know how that colour will truly look and feel like in your home is to put it on your wall. There are three ways to test paint colours on your wall before you commit to a colour: bringing paper paint chips home, applying a test patch of paint directly to your wall, or using peel-and-stick paint samples. 

Paper paint chips are not accurate.

Paper paint chips are the least effective way to test a paint colour at home. That’s because they’re not accurate. When you pick up a paint chip, it's a digital impression of the paint colour, and not a true representation of the colour, sheen or texture of a paint, and their small size makes it difficult to get a real sense of the colour in your space.

Painting test swatches is messy and expensive.

Painting test swatches on your wall is often messy and expensive. You'll need to buy a can of paint and painting supplies like tape, brushes, rollers and drop cloths. It's time consuming too: you have to prep the wall, paint the test patch(es) and clean up afterwards. 

And if you decide not to go with that colour? Well then you're stuck with a big ugly spot on your wall that might be hard to paint over afterward.

When comparing colours this way it's also hard to see how they look in different parts of the room because each small patch only paints one portion of the room at a time - so you won’t be able to see how the colour works in corners, near architectural features like windows or doors, or near different lighting.

Painting test patches on your wall also makes it hard to consider a range of colour options, or to compare multiple colours, since you likely won’t want to invest the time, money or mess in painting multiple patches of colour on your walls!

Peel and stick paint samples are the best way to test paint colours.

If you've never tried them before, peel and stick paint samples are the best way to test paint colours at home. They are easy to use, inexpensive, don’t create any mess or stress, and will help you pick the perfect colour with 100% confidence.

Big Paint Chips are removable, repositional stickers that you can move to different parts of your room to see how a colour will look in different lighting, near corners, furniture, windows and trim.

Big Paint Chips are made with real paint, so you'll be able to see the true colour, sheen and texture of the paint on your wall before committing to a full coat. They're also super easy to use: just peel off their backing sheet and stick them anywhere! It's a simple process with no mess or cleanup.

With Big Paint Chips you’ll be able to compare multiple colour options at once, experiment with accent colours, and live with colours you love, so you can be confident in your decision and avoid any regrets before you commit to a full painting project.


Painting your home can be a big undertaking, and no one wants to spend money on something they don’t like. That’s why it’s important to experience a paint colour in your home before making a firm decision.

The best way to test out paints is by using real paint samples in the space you plan to use them in, so that you can see how they really look and feel. There are limitations to testing paint colours with tiny paper paint chips and painting test patches, but peel-and-stick paint samples will give you the flexibility and confidence you need to find the perfect paint colour.